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Dec. 16th, 2005 | 10:35 am
state of mind: tiredtired
dancing to: Mansun - wide open space
posted by: queen_jellybean in alt_stickyfloor

Hi I'm Gerrie, I'm 21 and I usually live in manchester. However due to an unfortunate life choice made 3 years ago, I'm currently in France (i'm a languages student) but only for a few more weeks! I'm really missing Manchester, particularly the nightlife!

Favourite bands and stuff are all listed on my user page but atm i'm listening to Blondie, Pulp, Suede, Arctic Monkeys and Dubstar!

Favourite clubs/bars in manchester are South, 42nd street, Subspace, Kro2 etc.......i'm fairly easy to please!

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It's easy when you stop pretending

(no subject)

from: thelma_viaduct
date: Mar. 3rd, 2006 10:34 pm (UTC)

we have members, hurrah!

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