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Mar. 3rd, 2006 | 10:15 pm
state of mind: crazycrazy
dancing to: editors
posted by: volcanop in alt_stickyfloor

We're so proud that this community has sort of half heartedly lived on even though we had a momentary lapse!! ;)

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Random photos of our friends from brownie1983's last dj set at the attic.

Anyways you two have introduced youselves so here's mine...Sarah, 21, studying and living in manchester...pretending to know what I'm talking about...70% of the time...not having a clue what's going on for the other 30%. Music wise I like a bit of everything...from scarling to fiona apple, from the kaiser chiefs to cyndi lauper...and open to almost anything!! I shall now pass you on to Toni...

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